The LAMSELMAR values


The LAMSELMAR values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we value as a company. They are the essence of the LAMSELMAR identity.


We are on the customer’s side


At LAMSELMAR we meet any customer requirements, regardless of the complexity and size of the systems, thanks to modern technologies and a creative approach to solving technical issues, thereby ensuring optimal cost and high efficiency of solutions. We constantly and at any time provide support, maintenance and modernization of the purchased equipment. We provide training for customer personnel and consulting support.


We always have a plan


At LAMSELMAR we discuss the idea of an optimal solution, create an order fulfillment plan. Our task is to satisfy the conditions of the customer. The standard scheme of work involves the creation of a test sample and its testing. After full approval, we carry out the installation. Commissioning is the final stage of our work. At every step, adjustments are possible for the complete comfort of the customer. We also provide training for customer personnel.


We research


At LAMSELMAR we do theoretical research on digital, spatial and secondary signal processing, as well as research in the field of quantizing fields of semiconductor systems and the photonic radars. The experimental department is engaged in the implementation of processing methods in the hardware and testing of prototypes.


We understand the value of money


Thanks to the flexibility of LAMSELMAR production department, we vary the design features and the hardware. We are open to discussion with the customer and will help you find the most beneficial solution for you.


We enjoy the success


The result of work with LAMSELMAR is maximum efficiency, optimal cost and operation with a guarantee of the quality of highly qualified and timely service.

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