Navigation tracks managing

Navigation tracks managin is software for real-time detection, tracking and identification of small and high speed targets even in adverse weather and harsh maritime environment conditions, detection of piracy, smuggling and illegal activities, common Operational Picture to achieve enhanced National-Level situational awareness, coordination of SAR operations, environmental and lives at sea protection.

Features and benefits

Ability to calculate interception boat course/speed to selected target to be intercepted

Accurate detection, tracking and identification of small and high speed targets

A broad range of sensors including long-coverage sensors: Satellite AIS and Over-the-horizon radars

Centralised operations through CCC (Coastal Control Center) and data exchange between CCC, mobile and fixed Sensor Sites

Secured communication network and effective data management

Configurable line (border) crossing

Powerful Thermal Vision sensor capabilities

Configurable line (border) crossing

Automatic alarm generation and display

Integrated SAR operations module

Ships track visualization

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