Mobile Radar System



Small-sized radar designed for installation on various vehicles. This option involves the organization of mobile complexes to solve the tasks of the border service. It can be installed on boats and ships.

Features and benefits

Nominal output power 25 KW

Pulse (one subband) width 50-150 ns with pulse repetition 2,7-3,2 KHz

Up to 4 subbands (Pulse width 1,0-1,2 μs with pulse repetition 0,5-0,7 KHz)

Dynamic Range 100dB without STC, ≥ 115dB with STC

Transmitter frequency 9375MHz (X-Band)

Antenna: 1,1 KW, AC 220V

Transceiver: 350W, AC 220V

Optional DC 24V

Power max 10A

Target Detection Range up to 96 nautical miles

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Target tracking with mobile radar

Radar processing

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