About us


At LAMSELMAR we create integrated radar systems and software designed for maritime navigation, border services, natural resources protection services, for monitoring coastal areas, airports and ports. Our employees work in the field of radar and control systems based on them since 1999.


For Monitoring


  • Ports and harbors
    In ports, the main danger comes from a risk of collision between ships and the traffic needs to be constantly monitored to avoid such unfortunate and deadly accidents. A Safe berthing and an efficient transport of passengers and goods cannot be guaranteed without a reliable monitoring.

  • Weather
    To locate precipitation, calculate its motion, and estimate its type (rain, snow, hail etc.)

  • Fish and other farms
    For the safety of employees working on fish farms and particularly at night, for preventing acts of robbery, but also to monitor unknown vessels entering the area and potentially threatening lines and nets.


For Navigation

  • VTS
    A vessel traffic service is a marine traffic monitoring system established by harbor or port authorities. Marine radar systems can provide very useful radar navigation information for navigators onboard ships.

  • On Board
    Today, piloting in restricted waters has become a highly specialized job aided by modern technology that can  calculate the speed of the tracked vessel, its course and forecast the closest point of approach.


For Protection

  • Oil and Gas platforms
    Comprehensive solution offering the best protection to the rig by preventing accidents with out-of-control Vessels, act of piracy or terrorism and extreme weather conditions which represent major threats to the platform both in safety and maintenance cost.

  • Waterside facilities
    For the protection of coastal facilities and other critical areas that must be placed under strict surveillance to prevent acts of terrorism, to ensure the highest level of security and provide safety for the workers.


For nature

  • Marine protected areas
    To protect the ecosystem and preserve its fragile balance, it is vital to be equipped to deal with illegal fishing and anchoring and to monitor these areas in an effective manner.

  • Monitoring of Marine Pollution
    To monitoring water pollution of different types, characteristics, and concentrations.


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