Coast and marine radars


At LAMSELMAR we create integrated radar systems and software designed for maritime navigation, border services, natural resources protection services, for monitoring coastal areas, airports and ports. Our employees work in the field of radar and control systems based on them since 1999.


Radiolocation industry and beyond


The structures are used as standard (manufactured by third parties) of the article, and specifically designed to perform various functional tasks. To increase profitability, labor-intensive operations that require the use of expensive and high-precision equipment, made in cooperation with other companies.


Customer driven innovation


At LAMSELMAR we meet any customer requirements, regardless of the complexity and size of the systems, thanks to modern technology and a creative approach to solving technical issues, thereby ensuring optimal cost and high efficiency of solutions. We constantly and at any time provide support, maintenance and modernization of the purchased equipment. We provide training for customer personnel and consulting support.


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